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Hosted Groups

Groups and Registered Student Organizations hosted by the Linux Users Group @ Washington State University:

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"Algorithm" is Not a Four-Letter Word

This is a RubyConf 2011 presentation showing the use of algorithms as a way to improve one's craft, by Jamis Buck of 37signals. It's pretty cool. You should watch it.

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O' Reilly Back to School Special

Want to learn something new today, or polish a skill? O'Reilly ebooks and videos provide a path to mastery. Use discount code B2SDEAL in the shopping cart for a 50% discount on all ebooks & videos. Offer expires September 28th, and may not be combined with other offers.

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ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011

The 2011 ESA Summer of Code In Space (SOCIS) starts! Mentoring organization (i.e. open source space-related projects) can apply before 15/07/2011. Modelled after the Google Summer of Code, SOCIS is an European Space Agency pilot project offering students the opportunity to be paid to develop, during the summer, open source code for space related open source projects.



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Thread Programming Tutoring contract

An acquaintance of mine is looking for someone to tutor/guide/mentor him on the subject of threading. He seems like he's got a fairly introductory knowledge of the subject, so he's looking for a "guru". (If you've taken CS at WSU and covered the subject in much depth, you probably qualify.)

He's willing to pay for your time, though you'll have to establish the terms of the contract with him directly.

He's most comfortable with Java, but other languages may be suitable.

Contact me as 'samba' in #wsulug on Freenode, or as 'optikknight' via AIM.

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